Based on the TANO3D technology, Tanovus focuses on research and production of advanced micro-nano structural materials and related composites. Our products are used as supercapacitor and battery electrode materials, high-efficiency adsorbents, catalysts/catalyst support with a high performance cost ratio in the applications of energy, environmental protection, health and other fields.


Tanovus solved the challenge of precise manipulation of the micro-nano structure of energy storage materials. Custom design of each structure in the synthesis process results in the flexible production of high-performance functional materials. Our technology is simple, controllable and adjustable, with the use of commodity chemicals. The characteristics of the produced high purity materials can be flexibly customized, and the production is easy to scale up.

Tanovus will continue to innovate and develop advanced new materials to create valuable products for the market needs.


Tanovus strives for excellence and innovates unique materials. While developing standard products for energy, environmental protection, health and other applications, Tanovus is also developing new customized products with our partners. We are committed to working with each customer to provide solutions and create substantially improved products based on the customers' needs.


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